Curve-O Advanced Cutting Tool
Fashion Week Paris AF Vandevorst

Friday Paris Fashion Week / Backstage hairdressing @ A.F. Vandevorst

Friday Paris Fashion Week / Backstage hairdressing @ A.F. Vandevorst. ..report next week.. — with Lyza Michiels and Rudi Cremers.

Pivot Point joins Curve-O

This is BIG ! Pivot Point, World’s largest Education brand for the hairdressing industry joins Curve-O as supplier for advanced cutting tools. More information to come..
'Limited White edition nr 9010'

‘Limited White edition nr 9010’ Comb

Passion for perfection, brilliance through simplicity: the Curve-O Advanced Cutting Comb – designed by Ludovic Beckers – boasts nothing less than groundbreaking innovation in the world of professional hairdressing. Contrary to the traditional straight cutting comb, the Curve-O Advanced Cutting Comb aligns itself with the natural shape of the human cranium . Immediately, relief can...
Chris Moody, CURVE-Onaut

Presenting Chris Moody, CURVE-ONAUT

  [sp_grid span=one_half][sp_lightbox group=”Chris Moody” title=”Chris Moody, CURVE-ONAUT” url=”https://www.curve-o.be/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/ChrisMoody.jpg” show_social=”true”] [/sp_lightbox] [/sp_grid][sp_grid span=one_half last=true] Presenting Chris Moody, CURVE-ONAUT International Educator for REDKEN NYC I am a stylist and international platform artist. I have been in the hairdressing industry for 30 years. My passions are haircutting and teaching. I have taught and presented allover the world...
Evelyn Lipkens, Curve-Onaut

Presenting Evelyn Lipkens, CURVE-ONAUT

[sp_grid span=one_half] Presenting Evelyn Lipkens, CURVE-ONAUT Lead Colorist for House of Artistry Hi, my name is Evelyn Lipkens and i have been the lead colorist for House of Artistry ( Belgium ) for many years. I’ve worked on photoshoots as well as on defiles for several company’s, as colorist / advisor. My passion for Curve-O...
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