Presenting MJ Déziel,

Salon Unlistd & Redken Artist

MJ Déziel, a young up-and-coming beauty professional is blazing trails and making waves.
When curve-o combs completely changed her way of cutting. She couldn’t wait to start her journey with us as an ambassador for Curve-O.

Presenting Sara Lismont,

Curve-O International Educator

“It’s all tenderness, a kind of mood, sometimes just a thought. I think it’s an art to make beauty and it is a passion to excert. It’s unique to translate our passion, so if we practice we are already half way.. For me personal, just to be part of Curve-o is already a kind of statement!

Presenting Lyza Michiels,

Designer of the BACKSTAGE STYLIST LINE Campaign

Growing up with Rock’nRoll in an artistic family, i became hairstylist, fashion addict and blogger. I’m in love with city’s like Paris, London & New York. My personal style? Fairly casual i think.. wearing lot’s of black and heavy colors.. it’s all about attitude and charisma. Nothing feels better than a oversized black or white Alexander Wang top with a pair of skinny Acne jeans and boots. Fashion is my way of living, not just a trend.. this is mainly the reason why i wanted to introduce the Curve-O Backstage Stylist Line. It’s simply genius, edgy in character and a breakthrough in Brush philosophy!

Presenting Chris Moody,

International Educator for REDKEN NYC

I am a stylist and international platform artist. I have been in the hairdressing industry for 30 years. My passions are haircutting and teaching. I have taught and presented allover the world and I am dedicated to helping people understand the principles and mechanics of haircutting so they will master the craft.

The Curve-O shear is my favourite tool for creating the perfect balance of technique and artistry. The finest quality steel, ergonomic shape and excellent edge helps me to create and teach haircuts in the best possible way.” Chris Moody

Presenting Evelyn Lipkens,

Lead Colorist for House of Artistry

Hi, my name is Evelyn Lipkens and i have been the lead colorist for House of Artistry ( Belgium ) for many years. I’ve worked on photoshoots as well as on defiles for several company’s, as colorist / advisor. My passion for Curve-O is it’s originality and forward thinking… with lots of respect for our profession. You might say that the Curve-O Advanced Cutting Tool is my personal all time hero: I walk it, dream it, believe it.. and could not miss it for a second.. it changed my way of hairdressing!

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